Tuesday, 19 of March of 2019

An Easy Way to Ask For a Girl’s Number

There are a few easy ways that you can ask for a girl’s number. You will find that whenever you like a girl and want to get to know her better that it can be incredibly difficult to portray these feelings without coming across desperate or like you are crazy. Make sure that you understand how to talk to a girl and how to approach her before you attempt to even get her phone number.

Be Confident

It is so important that you are confident. Women love confidence. If you walk up to her and show that you think that you are worth her time and that you are worth getting to know that she will feel the same way. You have to know that you have great qualities that this girl would be crazy to not want to know. Just try not to be cocky as this is something that can really turn off a girl and make her not want to talk to you.

Just Do It

It is best if you simply go for it. If you don’t waste your time and don’t beat around the bush you won’t have time to psyche yourself out. It can be easy to decide not to ask her at all if you waste a lot of time working up the nerve. Sometimes, that nerve will never come so it is best to fake it until you feel it when it comes to getting her number. Just try not to blurt it out as soon as you introduce yourself.